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J & J Collections

We are so excited to announce, as a part of our “Black Excellence Series”, we will  be highlighting a member of BBE & their business on our social media accounts & newsletter. The purpose of this series is to highlight our amazing members, while also putting the spotlight on their business/ businesses & their amazing work.  

If you are interested in being the next featured member of the week, please reach out to us via email or instagram. This past week, we had the pleasure of featuring BBE member, JuDonna Bennett.


“ I am JuDonna Bennett known to most as “Diva Doll JuDonna” the founder and CEO of J & J Collections LLC. 

I started this small black family owned business during the pandemic in 2020. My company Delta Air Lines was facing some tough choices, which left employees to make some even tougher decisions. Being a single mother of 4 amazing children, this wouldn’t be the first time my back was against the wall and I needed to make a life changing decision to still have a means of support. 

So I stepped out on faith, decided to take a voluntary leave from work and start my own business and started walking in my purpose. 

J & J Collections mission is to bring affordable urban wear to customers of all ages. We are a very humble family, and we pride ourselves on customer service. We understand without them, there is no us. Being a black woman business owner is no easy role. Everyday I wake up, I strive hard just be a better me. It’s always me against me!! I started with a women’s line, added a men’s line ( both with my son’s assist) then lastly a kids line ( with my grandsons). Officially making us a family owned business! 


We spent the first part of 2021 also hosting Pop Up Shop Events once a month in St. Paul. The networking, connections and family bonds we have made are absolutely priceless. We want to continue to make a positive impact in our communities and leave love in our foot prints.” – JuDonna Bennett

Where can you find J & J Collections ?

You can learn more about JuDonna’s business at!  And don’t forget to check out J & J Collections LLC on Instagram