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Meet Toi Cage

We had the pleasure of featuring BBE member, Toi Cage.

Toi Cage, Owner and operator of Sunflower Queen LLC.  Sunflower Queen was founded in 2018 with a vision of creating Plant Based products for women to obtain and keep healthy womb and vaginal care.  

Married young and desiring a way to feel amazing during intimacy, Toi started to work on the perfect chemistry to create and brand products sold in her company today.

Sunflower Queen currently sales a variety of Yoni care products used for purposes ranging from Discomfort, Headaches, Cramps, PH balance Correction, Blemish Removal, Infertility, Removal of Bacteria and Yeast amongst a number of other benefits. 

Sunflower Queen LLC.’s mission is clear.  Provide and encourage natural healing resources, produce products that increase the pleasures of intimacy for both man and woman and to dominate the Yoni culture.  Find Sunflower Queen products in “The Wellness Lounge ” in Uptown Minneapolis, Storehouse Grocers in Saint Paul or conveniently online at


You can learn more about Toi’s business at! And don’t forget to check out Sunflower Queen LLC on Instagram